Our Cleaning Process

We have partnered with a local dry-cleaning business that we trust, to guarantee the highest quality cleaning and hygiene.   

They are highly knowledgeable with handling South Asian outfits, providing the utmost care and maintaining the condition of all the outfits.

The Cleaning Journey

1. Inspection

After each outfit is returned they are carefully inspected for rips, tears, missing embellishments, etc. Any minor repairs will be mended at this stage.

2. Spot Cleaning

We will also check for stains during inspection and treat them before the dry cleaning process starts. 

3. Dry Cleaning 

All outfits will be dry cleaned after each wear. This method works well to sanitize the outfit while also removing oil-based stains. However, other types of stains are not always removed effectively, so we suggest wearing them with care. 

4. Wear with confidence!

All our outfit will come to you sanitized and ready to wear!